In winter term 2012 Thomas Grah and I created a little linked data application for the course “Semantic Web” held by Prof. Bernhard Thull. The task was to create a simple application, which makes use of linked open data concepts like RDF, SPARQL and OWL.

We wanted to create something fun and in the field of music. As a result we created BandClash: A linked data application, in which two bands clash together in a heroic fight over their dominance in their greatness. Or you’d just say an online Band award comparison.

The application runs on PHP with the ARC2 framework for processing semantic data. We gather data from BBC, dbpedia and more, but because the relevant chart toplist information not yet exists in open linked data, we parse it from Chart Archive and create new semantic data triples. The source code can be inspected at github.

Now have fun with BandClash!